Sharing Clarksburg: Elevation Ten

Ten years ago, when we decided to name our winery Elevation Ten, we did so in honor of our beloved little town of Clarksburg, which sits just ten feet above sea level. Everything we do is intended to share what makes this town so special to all of us. One of the best ways to share Clarksburg is through producing amazing wines. Fine wines start with beautiful grapes, and our vineyards produce a bounty of luscious, flavorful fruit. We are blessed to be in Clarksburg and enjoy sharing this special place with the thousands of people a year who come to visit all of our wineries.

Elevation Ten Winery is the manifestation of a common dream and was inspired by a desire to create a business that showcased the best of our local community.  It is hard for us to imagine that our little winery has now been in business for ten years.  It’s been such a wild and fulfilling ride with lots of twists and turns and thanks to a global pandemic, even a few loop de loops, but here we are 10 years old and still going strong. 

Making wine is one of the most magical processes and when you and your family of partners all share the same passion it is priceless.  Seeing a vineyard planted stake by stake and vine by vine is exciting but when those first buds bloom in March it is Mother Nature’s great way of saying cheers to all of us. Sipping each vintage brings everyone’s hard work to fruition. In Clarksburg we can grow almost anything, but some varietals become cult classics.  We have found over the years that our customers can’t get enough of our Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay (just lightly oaked) and our beloved Italian varietal, Fiano which is such a fan favorite for anyone who loves a bright crisp white.  However, our Proprietor’s Blend is our flagship Bordeaux Blend that has people coming back with the same comment, what was that wonderful blend I had last time I was here.  This wine simply goes with everything and is blended to perfection each vintage.

We could not do any of this without our incredible winemaker Marco Cappelli, who has been our guiding light since we began, and our tasting room family, whom we cherish.   We enjoy every minute of this adventure, and we hope that it shows in our wines and in your experience at Elevation Ten. 

— Rina Dimare, Proprieter

Instagram: @elevationten