Wines of Clarksburg 2023: An Ode to Community for a Cause

Admittedly, I am not a Clarksburg native. However, growing up just across the way in Elk Grove I’ve always been charmed by how beautiful and quaint it is. Fast forward to now, as Marketing Manager for one of it’s many wineries and therefore having the pleasure of becoming involved with Clarksburg, it’s amazing people, and wine region.

I attended the annual Wines of Clarksburg Wine Tasting & Art Auction over the weekend and was blown away by the sheer and genuine sense of community surrounding me. Nestled under the shady oak trees of Heringer Estates, the event was bustling with activity, local bites, live music, and of course, wine. I loved seeing friends and colleagues I’ve come to know as well as put faces to emails from recent partnerships.

I shared a fun Reel recapping my experience and capturing some of the essence of that afternoon.

I’m eager and excited to continue to take part in events like these and help people enjoy Clarksburg as much as I do. I may not be from here but the good people of Clarksburg sure know how to make a place feel like home.

Liz Franco
Marketing Manager at Silt Wine Company

Photos by Ana Ogilvie