Miner’s Leap is located just a short drive south of downtown Sacramento in the quaint community of Clarksburg. Miner’s Leap prides itself in providing its guests a place where they can sit relax and leave the rigors of the week behind. Together with our manicured landscape, handcrafted wines and friendly staff we want your visit to be enjoyable.

The Miner family has been producing and making wine on the West Coast for several generations. In fact, Loyal’s Great Grandfather, Loyal Aubrey Miner, was a bootleg winemaker in Bothell, Washington during the 1920s. He eventually received a Presidential pardon after the repeal of Prohibition and continued to make wine and share it with others for many years thereafter.

With rich family history of wine making it’s no wonder owner Loyal Miner continues the tradition. “Wine is our labor of love and we hope that it is shared with your family and friends, just as I enjoy to share it with mine.