A New Venture: The Clarksburg Winery Collective

As shared on WineBusiness.com, there’s a new venture putting Clarksburg on the map: The Clarksburg Winery Collective, aimed at marketing and promoting the Clarksburg wine region and its wineries. This collaborative initiative will strengthen the reputation and profile of the Clarksburg AVA (American Viticulture Area), bringing attention to its award-winning wines, family-farmed vineyards, and the beautiful Sacramento Delta.

“By uniting the efforts of the area’s wineries, the Clarksburg Winery Collective will amplify the visibility of our region’s winemakers and create opportunities to showcase our exceptional wineries and wines,” says Jody Bogle, Vice President of Consumer Relations for Bogle Family Vineyards. “The collective’s marketing initiatives will include innovative campaigns, educational programs, and collaborative events designed to engage wine lovers, media, and industry professionals.”

Through this strategic collaboration, the Clarksburg Winery Collective will actively promote Clarksburg’s unique terroir by highlighting the distinct characteristics that make this region exceptional for wine grape growing and wine production.

Founding Members include:
Bogle Family Vineyards
Bump City, Co.
Carvalho Family Winery
Clarksburg Wine Co.
Due Vigne Winery
Elevation Ten Winery
Heringer Estates Winery
Kirchhoff Family Wines
Julietta Winery
Lambeth Family Vineyards
Miner’s Leap Winery
Rendez-Vous Winery
Silt Wine Company
Three Wine Company
Todd Taylor
Vino de Oro Vineyard & Winery
Grand Island Vineyards
Scribner Bend Vineyards
Scott Harvey Wines

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